Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal
Special presentation

Kelvin was presented with this medal for contributions to Manitoba.

Canada 150
Available in eBook and paperback

A short speech recognizing the Canada 150 celebrations that were held in Austin, Manitoba. 

Remembering Albert Bennett Lewis
A documentary

The true and romantic story of a World War II Veteran.

Poem of the Week

A poem of struggle, depression, and hope. 


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A New Show…

Whatever Happened to Little Creek Ranch?

“I thought life in the country would be easy,” said Becky, a young woman who had left the city in search of a better life. “Nothin in the country is easy ma’m,” was the only wisdom that the ranch hands she asked for help had to offer. Even the horses in the corral beside her cabin didn’t like her. “Why am I here anyway?” Was the question that Becky found herself asking. “Good question. Why are you here?” That was what the ranch hands were thinking. As one crazy situation followed another they all learned a lesson about themselves and what it means to finally find your way home.
A story full of horses, horsing around, and even a little horse sense. Join us as we discover, “Whatever Happened to Little Creek Ranch.”


March 16. MacGregor. 

March 22. Gladstone. 



Featured Books

Diary of a Car Crash
Paperback & eBook

"What is the point of all this chaos and pain?" Finding answers isn't easy. Sometimes it may be downright hard but then, so is life, and that's what this book is all about. It is a collection of poems and essays about struggle, war, depression, religion, and all those other monsters that we hide inside our thoughts. Some ideas may be considered controversial. Others humorous. But, whatever else this book is, it is honest. Who knows, perhaps it can even aid in your pursuit of truth.

Stories From Our Town
Paperback & eBook

Join us as we take a look back at where we came from. Through the eyes of settlers just trying to make a living, we will experience the coming of the TransCanada railway, the taming of the Canadian West and the birth of Manitoba as we know it today.

Our Manitoba.
An original story that travels 150 years of history with a sense of humour, heart, and ultimately, hope.

The Joy of Stupidity
Paperback & eBook

his collection of short but profound tales will help you will find yourself…laughing. Not only that! This book will improve your marriage…if you let your spouse read it while you clean the house like you said you would six months ago. But wait, that’s not all! This book will also help you understand the greatest questions of the universe…such as, why do the people who know everything, do nothing? The Joy of Stupidity! Don’t let yourself be miserable without it! Genre: Ridiculous Flash Fiction.