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Two New Books!
Life in Our Town features three historical novellas salted with humor and romance. While, Uncle Kelly...well,  what can I say about that? Uncle Kelly's Little Book of...Wisdom? Is full of alleged wisdom and humor from the notorious Uncle Kelly. (In other words this book is a collection of Kelvin's blog posts and social media mischief.) Don't take our word for it, you can check these books out by clicking the link below. 

For information on purchasing paperbacks and ebooks in Canadian funds please click "buy" in the top right corner. Or click here:  Questions or local orders please contact me.  Some of the titles on are under exclusive contract. However, some paperbacks are actually available in Canadian funds and more distribution is forthcoming...some books are even on the way to Gladstone...for now, click "buy" for current options.

The Austin 150th Project received recognition in the Manitoba legislature as outstanding community achievement. 

Old Sins Have Long Shadows. Received word that one of my old songs had hit Broadjam's top ten list for Manitoba. I'm sure it fell off the charts again soon...but it was a giddy moment while it lasted.

Help Connie Battle Parkinsons!
My aunt is struggling with Parkinson's disease and could use a hand. More information can be found here:

The Audio Playlist-What's Playing?
The audio player now includes some alternate mixes and curiosities unearthed from the may well not be your thing, but that's cool. Anyway, first up on that playlist is an original ambient prelude, the first song I ever did actually, followed by, Push the Button, my DJ Hip Hop influenced remix of the Chemical Brothers Grammy nominated song Galvanize...Then there is the sonic doodling that is, A Day in the Jungle. Basically, I was having fun imagining a day in jungle...anyway, this is followed by a rough, unfinished, oddball, Beck influenced pop mix of Brookville...followed by a heavy take on a track by the Russian pop group TATU...the TATU mix is remarkable in the fact that originally it was a Britney Spears type pop song...and it was turned into an experimental arena anthem solely by adding fx and whatnot in the mixing was an interesting experiment. After that there's an evil industrial track created for a video game and we finish off with, You're Not Alone...I can't really remember much about has a good lyric though...for those who care, these are audio memories and insanity from when I was much more heavily involved in the music was was it was...

Divine Signature
My sisters had a band with their husbands, if you are interested in their entire album, click here:

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