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Hate vs Love

Posted by kelvinbueckert on November 7, 2015 at 3:25 PM

Hatred only fuels more hatred. 1914. One man driven by hatred and a lust for power shot Archduke Ferdinand and set off World War One. Millions die. 1919. Blinded by hatred, Allied leaders take revenge on Germany with a heavy handed peace agreement. Germany is saddled with years of chaos. 1930s, one man named Adolf, driven by hatred and a lust for power, fans the resentment of a defeated people into the inferno of World War Two. Millions more die. If the hatred of one man could create so much much more good could come from the selfless service of one man? Or servicemen?

We remember victories and sacrifices made back we should, but what about now? What if we too were willing to give up everything for a better home, a better community...a better country? If the harvest from the seeds of hatred is only more hatred...what could the harvest of a self-sacrificing love be?

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