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How to Become a More Judgemental Person

Posted by kelvinbueckert on March 29, 2016 at 10:40 AM

Many have written me letters...many more have called me...and all with just one question burning on their minds...Kelvin, how can I become a more judgemental person? And so...In the interests of helping the human race evolve to a higher plane of enlightenment I have decided to share my insights here with you today...

First step...Always ASSUME the worst about the other person and their intentions. LIFE TIP: Little things like skin color, body type, and social class can do big things to boost your judgemental attitude. Second step. AVOID meaningful communication with those outside your inner may find yourself learning more about their true motivations, situations, intentions and slowly find your judgemental attitude slipping away as you understand their position better. LIFE TIP: Use imagination instead of communication to form your opinions about others...your imagination is a powerful tool and it becomes even more powerful when unhindered by petty things like the truth.

The third and possibly most important step is to only ASSOCIATE with others who hold the same judgemental attitude as you do. As Soacrates so wisely stated, misery loves company...and the same holds true for a judgemental attitude. LIFE TIP: may feel moments of loneliness or guilt as you perfect your judgemental attitude...but like all other skills in life...a judgemental attitude must be practiced daily to achieve the best results...

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