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Of Humble Pie...and the Eating Thereof...

Posted by kelvinbueckert on June 8, 2017 at 11:10 AM

Jealousy washed over me as I saw all that Billy had...I knew all those things rightfully belonged to me...I deserved them more then he did...still, I knew that rising to Billy's level would take work and I sure didn't want that...It would be far easier to bring Billy down to my, I stuck out my foot and tripped him...sending him and all the food he was carrying crashing to the floor...that's when I realized that Billy the waiter was actually bringing all the food to our table...and if I had been patient, I would have got all that food anyway...instead, I ended up losing my lunch and getting kicked out of the, I'm trying to find somewhere else to eat...but, every place in town is just serving up humble pie...and I'm just not hungry for more of that...

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