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The Murder of Humpty Dumpty

Posted by kelvinbueckert on June 20, 2017 at 12:35 AM

Tonight on W5 we explore the age old question. Did Humpty Dumpty fall or was he pushed? Consider this statement made at the scene of the crime by prime suspect, Master Chef Henri Renard, and decide for yourself. Roll the clip please…”I was standing right here officer, warning Humpty Dumpty about the dangers of sitting on the fence…he listened…but he was laughing as he listened to me, rocking back and forth with both of his feet…I don’t know how it happened.” As we see here, Henri begins breaking down tears as he struggles to complete his statement. “I guess Humpty just lost his grip…on reality…and cracked up…I know it looks bad…I know I’ve got egg on my face…and I admit that I had always wanted to get Humpty out of his shell…but not quite like this…I swear officer, I never wanted Humpty to end up like this…he was a good egg…he really was…” Perhaps if Henri had ended his statement here, he would not be under investigation today. However, look closer…Henri glaces up at the investigating officer as a look of cunning crosses his face. He laughs with a touch of madness and then…then he says this…”but officer, if you give me a chance, I just know I could make something good out of this mess…an omelette perhaps…”

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