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The Hypocrite's Lament

Posted by kelvinbueckert on June 21, 2017 at 11:55 AM

I tried everything to help them.


Honestly I did.

Whenever I heard something bad about them…I spread the news all over town…Like I always say, when it comes to other people…the safest bet is always to assume the worst…liverwurst.

Ahem. I’m digressing now…where was I?

Oh yes…


Whenever they wanted to talk things over with me, I always made time for them…time to give them the silent treatment…they’re sick…sick people after all…they need treatment…and what better treatment could I give them?

What can I say?


I’m a doctor.


A healer of souls and minds…

I treat people…with contempt perhaps, but like I always say, treatment is treatment.

Still, people just don’t get it. Heck! If you listen to some people around here you’d think I was some sort of hypocrite or something.

As if I were the one to be despised!


Consider this though…Whenever anyone wanted a shoulder to cry on…who was the always the first to offer them a cold shoulder?



And…what did I get out of doing this?


Not one penny…

Yet, despite all my efforts, all these things I’ve done, all the rumors I’ve spread, the people I’ve given the silent treatment to simply refuse to make any effort to change…honestly, I just don’t know what more I can do for these idiots…sigh…If I only knew where the problem was…then I could avoid dealing with it…

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