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Kelvin Bueckert is an author, actor, and generally someone with an overactive imagination. His first major writing achievement was of writing his own name at a young age. Since then, Kelvin has learned to form three word sentences and recently was seen writing an entire paragraph in one sitting. But seriously...The burden of writing weighed upon his slim (but attractive) shoulders for many years, but it was only after his sister badgered him into auditioning for, Anne of Green Gables, that things changed. He realized that the pool of creativity was not something to be hidden, but was in fact something to revel in. In that way, Anne of Green Gables led into writing, music, and even more acting. Kelvin felt the joy of having his first short story published in 2004, since then he has continued to write, act, and think of crazy things to say in his biography. (Working title: How Anne of Green Gables Changed My Life.)  

Kelvin is a diverse writer who has written drama, humor, suspense, poetry, and pretty much, whatever he feels like writing. His writings have been featured in many different and diverse places such as The Pedestal Magazine, Horizon Magazine, The Fifth Dimension, Writer Online, The Martian Wave, Lyrica Webzine of Romantic Fiction, Bewildering Stories, Alephion, Washing the Color of Water Golden, and many others.

As an actor Kelvin has been in many shows. He is also involved in the work of NoEclipse an acting group that uses powerful skits to reach out to the lost and hurting. The slide show on the home page has pictures of some of the characters that Kelvin has played in the past. Kelvin is always interested in playing interesting if you have a show in the works, why not contact him?


Kelvin has also been known to dabble in the music world under different names...In addition to some airplay, he once landed a song on Electric Youth 13 from the FOEM label. He has also won the compo10 song contest and, song of the day on :)

Kelvin also indulges in other more mundane tasks in everyday life, far too mundane to go into detail here. Sadly, those other tasks do include, farming...Yes, Kelvin feels your pity...but we move on....

Thank you for reading this madness. On a serious note, Kelvin believes and encourages you to believe that Jesus Christ is the light in a dark world. With that in mind, he encourages you to visit the Learn about Africa page to find out how you can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

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  • 2nd Place in a Canada Post Essay Contest
  • Honorable Mention in the Unscrambled Eggs poetry contest.
  • Runner up in Breakaway Magazine's Hey World essay contest.
  • 4th Place in the Spinetinglers contest.

Short Form Writing

Kelvin's short form writing has appeared in these publications.


The Big Fifty



The Green Muse

Washing the Color of Water Golden (Hurricane Katrina Benefit Anthology)


The Pedestal Magazine. com

Horizon Magazine

Whispering Spirits

Dragons Knights and Angels

The Fifth Dimension

Alien Skin Magazine


Farsight Magazine

Bewildering Stories

The Pen Point View

Lyrica Webzine of Romantic Fiction

The Manitoba Coop-erator


Tamafyr Mountain Poetry


Private Galaxy


The Martian Wave

 and probably others that I've forgotten.

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