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Life in Our Town is a compilation of three historical novellas set on the plains of Manitoba, Canada. Not only does it feature three entertaining novellas, but it also contains photographs and clippings relevant to the stories included.

Our Town, Gladstone
Life in the United States was hard.
Beaten down after a season of loss, Naomi decided to return to the home of her youth in search of peace and quiet.
However, Ruth, her daughter-in-law had different ideas. Very different ideas in fact. Convinced that the empty plains of Manitoba were the scene of great excitement, Ruth invited herself to join Naomi's expedition to the great white north. How these two opposite minded women survived each other is one story. How they found new life in a town far different from anything they had ever known is another story entirely. Our Town, Gladstone features little known facts from the early days of Gladstone along with a lighthearted coming of age story that will warm the heart.

Our Town, Austin
A desire for change drove Sean and Mary to board the train west.
A lack of money was why they hid their children in a cattle car instead of paying their fare.
As the children said later, traveling in a cattle car stinks.
However, the family made it to Austin.
Only to find themselves struggling to adjust to life on their new homestead.
That first winter was especially harsh.
Especially with the attentions of jealous Mister Brown, who worked tirelessly to frustrate their efforts to establish a successful farm.
It's amazing how hard some people will work to stop other people from working, isn't it?
Little did the McConnells realize at the time that they and their descendants would witness the efforts of the Honorable Walter Clifford to establish the village of Austin, the great fire that tried to destroy it and the grand vision of Donald Corruthers to establish the Manitoba Agricultural Museum.
Who could have guessed all the things that were yet to come?
Both the story of a growing family and a vigorous community, Our Town, Austin celebrates 150 years of Austin, Manitoba in a most dramatic way.

The Great Gladstone Oilstrike!
"Oil Excitement!" Inspired by this headline, Neville Neverdowell, a smooth talking lawyer from Neepwa, decides to court Prudence Wilson, heir to the Brickyard where the oil was found. Will Neville rush the relationship faster than prudent? Will Prudence sign away her late father's brickyard in a desperate attempt to avoid a honeymoon in Neepawa? Just when all seems lost, Jezebel Jones, the world famous actress of melodrama, steps in to save the day, and also offers Darrell Do-right, a love struck boy from Plumas, some valuable advice. Boy, if you want to become a man, do something! Will Darrell ever do anything to win over Prudence, the only woman he has ever loved? More importantly, if he ever does do something, will he do something right? Is it even possible that someone from Gladstone could ever love someone from Plumas? Find out in this dramatic tale that blends comedy with little known historical facts from turn of the century Gladstone.

This volume also includes the short story, Four Seasons. This story details four seasons in the life of a student who learns to become a teacher.

Are you wondering what this book is about?

Are you suffering from rejection? Are romantic prospects always giving you the cold shoulder...of ham...and asking you to put it into the fridge?

Is your wallet in dire need of a weight loss program?

I have good news friend, this valuable book will be able to help you with at least one of these three common, but challenging life situations.

Consider just a few of the powerful chapter titles lurking within the table of contents section.

-The Chicken That Didn't Cross the Road: A Cautionary Tale

-The Aliens Have Landed...On Their Faces

-If You Are Always Seen Clowning Around, It is Hard to Be Seen as Anything Other Than a Clown

After all that, are you still wondering what this book all about? Well, in our overactive imaginations, some have described Uncle Kelly's Little Book of Wisdom as, "a compilation of Kelvin's social media and blog posts."

"A sophisticated smoothee of profound punditry and hilarity."

"The book that sits in my bathroom more than I do."

Those we didn't pay as well have used the words, "huh", and "interesting", when attempting to describe this unusual compilation of one liners, crazy little stories, philosophical meditations, inspirational poetry, and beautiful pictures. Whew. What a diverse list of content! However you wish to describe it, Uncle Kelly's Little Book of...Wisdom is sure to be an entertaining and thought provoking read.

Don't take our word for it, experience it for yourself.

What a beautiful night to lie, staring up at the star spangled sky...
For the moment, he is content to drift along and forget about all the things to come.
Yet, as the roar of the waterfall grows steadily louder, his life flashes before him. 
First to visit are the memories of Dwayne...
Yes, Dwayne, that handsome preacher who always enjoyed preaching against the evils of sin. 
Once upon a time Vance had wanted to believe in him and his teachings. 
The memories of those happy days are quickly shoved aside by haunting visions of the murdered. 
Unwelcome reminders of the sins that had brought him here to this point. 
The point of no return. 
Or is it?
What if there is yet a way of escape?
Even as the current continues to drag the canoe and its occupants toward their fate...even as the demons in his mind continue to chatter about the past...Vance begins to fight for his place in the future...
Memories of Dwayne is a novella that twists its way through the darkest recesses of the human mind, hypocrisy, and finally climaxes in a desperate struggle to survive.

One Christmas Eve, the same letter arrived at the homes of two complete strangers.
 Both letters gave directions to one million dollars in cash. 
 Why were the letters sent? 
Who sent them? 
These were some of the questions that would be answered once the truth was finally revealed. 
In the end, two strangers would discover the true gift of Christmas. 
But at what cost? 
This 2016 exclusive Amazon KDP edition also includes two other heartwarming stories of miracles during Christmastime. 

Looking for a good time? Don't know where to turn or who to trust for advice? 
This is the book you have been looking for. Within these pages, you will find candid reviews like these...

"Pity Party. No cover charge. Lots of whine, however, most of it tasted like it was made from sour grapes. Directions: Very easy to find. Big crowds. Lousy atmosphere. One star. Not recommended.
Victory Party. Good food. Good company. Fun atmosphere. Cover Charge: Pricy but affordable. Directions: Not always clear so it will take determined effort and perseverance to get to this party. It is worth it though. Five stars. Recommended. January 7, 2013 at 11:39 am"

And that's not all, not only does this book include valuable advice for that special night out it also contains fascinating lessons learned through heartrending personal experiences...

"First off I couldn't find my favorite "Clutter is Your Friend" book amongst the clutter. Then, I tried for hours to get in touch with my get rich quick guru. Turns out, he couldn't pay the phone bill and his phone service got canceled. Man, I tell ya. Finally, I tried to book an appointment with my Psychic to find out what will happen next and he had the gall to tell me that he had no idea when he'd have time for me... January 4, 2013 at 8:46 pm"

And as an added bonus! Important information on bizarre and unusual medical owe it to your friends and neighbors to educate yourself so you can avoid serious health conditions like the one described below...

"Ironically, the medical condition of being big headed can also have the side effect of being small minded. Unfortunately, this condition, left untreated, can lead to unforeseen consequences such as sudden sinking feelings. There really isn't that big of a gap between being no.1 and being no one. January 8, 2013 at 11:40 am"

Yes friend, all this valuable information and much more can be yours when you purchase this collection of instructive, humorous, and thought-provoking status updates and blog entries written by the incredibly opinionated Kelvin Bueckert. Bonus! 15% more words! This edition also features the original short story, An Old-Fashioned Christmas Train Robbery.

Perhaps some things are better left buried...then again...perhaps those very things are the most interesting...

What shall we see as we draw back the curtain and peer into the crypt?

Phantoms is a collection of previously published science fiction, fantasy, and horror themed poetry. 
The short stories, Devil in a Bottle, Personal Judas, and OlíZeke are included as an extra measure of punishment.

rest through
the nature
of bat like twitters
vibrating words
as the master signals
wave weary craft
toward harbor
over ocean shivers
The city is alive with neon color and artificial experience. 
What is reality? 
Is it only an illusion seen through the lens of television? 
 What if there was something more? 
This is an inspiring collection of previously published poetry, essays, and thoughts exploring the intersection of life and spirit.

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