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Why Africa?

Africa has interested me for most of my life.

One of my relatives was a missionary there for many years. I had a pen pal from Africa. Recently my sister spent some time working as a nurse in Zambia.

Yes, I have heard of some of the serious problems facing that continent.

I think that everyone has a role to play in the solution. It may not be monetary, it may not be physical, but I honestly believe that everyone has a gift that they can use for the benefit of others. Yes, that includes you.

Why should you care?

If you have asked that question, this page is designed for you. Here I have provided a few links and videos that should help to answer that question.

If the facts outlined below are unacceptable, you will take action.

If the facts below acceptable to you, then you will do nothing.

Either way, your vote will be counted.  

Of course, this is only a very brief overview and should be taken as the entire picture of a complex situation. Please take the time to research the issues for yourself.




Today 8,500 people in Africa will be infected with AIDS.


Today about 6,500 people in Africa will die from AIDS.


17 million Africans have died from AIDS. Another 25 million have been infected.


Just 1.00 of medicine could prevent a baby from contracting AIDS at birth.


These facts were taken from Click here to read the full article on, Why Africa. 


Another informative article about famine,  poverty, and politics.


Other worthwhile websites.

Personal stories of AIDS.

How much of the money you spend on coffee trickles back to the African coffee growers?

The Center for Global Development.

Action Aid

Why should you care about Uganda?

AIDS is only one of the terrible scourges afflicting Africa. There are also human problems. One of the most disturbing is the ongoing struggle in Northern Uganda.

At least 50,000 children have been kidnapped and forced to kill by the Lord's Resistance Army.

This is what the Invisible Children movement is about. Watch the videos and then get involved to stop the atrocities of the Lord's Resistance Army.

Read a Washington Post article about the LRA here:

Another good article:

Invisible Children

Take action.

Please petition to stop the ongoing genocide in Darfur.

Over 400, 000 have been killed, how many more will die until action is taken? Call on your local government leaders to take action to stop the slaughter!


For 1.1 billion people having no access to a safe water supply is a daily reality. You can help to turn on the tap!


Get involved with the projects of MATE/FCC. Who are they? Click here:

Be a good neighbor, be a global neighbor, get personally involved!

This is only a very small list of options that you could exercise to get involved. You could sponsor a child, you could pray, you could tell your friends, the options are endless. The question is...What will you do to stop the holocaust of our generation?


Lebo's River

Books you should read.


Beauty in a Scorched Land

This book was written to answer the question why? Why should you care about Africa?

Complete with personal stories, pictures, and dramatic fiction.

You can download it free.

Visit my web store.

Poor Story

An insider discovers how globalization and good intentions have failed the world's poor.

By Giles Bolton.

A radical, brilliantly readable and totally original approach to an unending problem.

It may change your life, but, more importantly, it will help you change others'.

Get it here:

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