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Memories of Dwayne-Cut Scene...

Posted by kelvinbueckert on March 9, 2017 at 11:45 AM

I cut this scene from Memories of Dwayne...but, I still liked, I'm sharing it here with you...

“Welcome y'all,” The preacher paused to straighten his sweat-drenched collar. "Just call me Dwayne. After all, we're all friends here, aren't we?”

Yellow shafts of light beamed through the windows, illuminating the simply decorated Church.

In many ways it was a typical lazy Sunday morning, however, it was unusual in the fact that the pews were full.

Quite a few citizens were curious about the handsome preacher standing on the stage in front of the church.

The preacher in question wore a blue-checkered shirt and black jeans. He set his straw cowboy hat onto the wooden pulpit before him.

“I tell ya, it sure is a privilege to be asked ta preach to ya fine folks. It humbles really does...I’m just a simple country boy but I’ll try do my best for ya all. That much I can promise ya... "

Dwayne smiled, revealing a mouthful of perfect teeth.

“I just gotta few words of thanks ta share before I start my message. I haven’t been here that long but Travis...Travis where are ya...” Dwayne scanned his flock. “I think we all know who I’m talkin' about don't we? Yes sir, that well-dressed young man there in the front row. Ya wanna stand up?" Travis stood and proudly adjusted his suit as the preacher continued. "I just wanna thank ya for makin’ a country boy so welcome. That's all right Travis, you can sit down now...I wouldn't wanna wear ya out." The preacher cleared his throat. "The other person I’d like ta thank here this mornin is my dear wife, Marsha Pruen. I'm not gonna ask her ta stand. She's a humble woman...but I just wanna say I'm blessed ta have her in my life an ask ya all ta give her a round of applause.”

The congregation clapped and cheered on cue.

Dwayne paused to wipe moisture from his forehead.

The air was heavy with humidity and the smell of sweat.

Faint engine sounds drifted in through open windows.

“Yep, I can still taste that fine loaf of fresh bread she baked for me just this mornin!" Dwayne smiled. “It sure is distractin’ but I gotta sermon ta preach don't I?" He adjusted the notes on the pulpit. "Yes sir...this sermon has long needed ta be preached. Everywhere ya look, ya see thieves, drunkards, and perverts roamin this island!” The preacher shook his head. "Folks, I tell ya the truth, it saddens my heart ta see these people gettin sucked into sin...But we gotta think of our children...we gotta do what's right for them! We gotta take some action against these sinners runnin around here!” Dwayne slammed his fist onto the pulpit. “Some serious action! We gotta do what it takes ta make this here island great again...are ya with me?”

The crowd roared its approval.

"I tell ya I'm sure glad ta hear that. Now here's how we're gonna do it..."


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