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A collection of Christmas stories. Includes: I. A Stormy Season. II. The Colors of Christmas. IIII. A Priceless Christmas. IV. A Piece of Christmas Chocolate. V. A Little Christmas Spirit. 

New Release!
Uncle Kelly's Second Book of...Wisdom?

Trust me.
I know exactly what you're thinking.
Settle down. I'm not a psychic or a guru.
I'm a Kelvin and I happen to know that you're saying yourself, "he's just like all those other guys trying to sell their books."
Well, let me me make a slight correction to this line of thinking.
I don't give a hoot about those other guys and I sure don't want to sell their books.
No sir. I only want to sell my own books.
That's why I wrote this description in fact.
Now that I've got your attention and established that I'm an honest and upfront kinda guy, I should really tell you more about the product that I'm pitching to you.
Uncle Kelly's 2nd Book of...Wisdom?
Yep. That's the title alright, but what is it all about? Well, I'm glad you asked me that. This questionable book includes a healthy helping of humor, satire, drama and all genres in between. Not only that, these genres are expressed through essays, pictures, flash-fiction, micro-fiction, one-liners and even some poetry.
"Wow! If it includes all those wonderful things, why do you say it's a questionable book?"
Aha. I knew you would say that!
Settle down. I'm still not a Psychic...but on dark stormy nights, I can see long as they're in my line of vision anyway.
Ahem. What I'm trying to say is, this book was written to provoke questions...and by asking questions we come to discover answers. Therefore, it is without question...a questionable book is the best kind of book.
Wait a minute...I know what you're thinking...nah I don't.
But when you get this book, you'll know exactly what I'm thinking...and isn't that better than having ME know what YOU are thinking? Frankly, I think so...but then, I'm biased, aren't I?
On the other hand, have you ever read an advertisement that wasn't biased?


A suspense thriller set against the sunny backdrop of summer, club music, and dark plans for evil. 


A collection of dark/fantastical poetry and short stories that were previously published in various magazines. 

Stories from Our Town

Four humorous, historical novellas. Now with a healthy helping of romantic subplots! But that's not all, this edition also includes photographs from when these stories were produced as plays.

Uncle Kelly's Little Book of Wisdom?

An collection of humorous flash-fiction, profound poetry and picturesque pictures!

Memories of Dwayne

A man awakes, bound with rope, laying on the bottom of a dirty old boat. As he drifts downstream toward his fate, his horrifying past begins to flash before him. Can he overcome the memories of his past before they kill his future?

Beauty in a Scorched Land

a book by 

Charlene Constant, Janice Constant and Kelvin Bueckert. 

Beauty in a Scorched Land includes photographs and short stories about Africa, poverty and what our response should be.

A Priceless Christmas

A heartwarming Christmas mystery/romance. Also features two bonus short stories. 

Why Be Normal When You Can Be Interesting?

For those who have asked this is a collection of my Facebook status updates over the years. Humorous one liners. Dramatic two liners and even jet liners...? 

Of Life and Spirit

A collection of previously published poetry exploring themes of nature, spirituality and our lives in a consumer culture.