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“Oil Excitement!” Spurred on by this headline, Neville Ne'erdowell, a smooth-talking lawyer, begins to court Prudence Wilson, heir to the Brickyard where the oil was said to be found.
Prudence promptly gives Neville a valuable lesson on prudence, so he threatens to foreclose on her families Brickyard! Just as all seems lost, Jezebel Jones, the world famous actress of melodrama, steps in to save the day. Or so it it turns out, Jezebel is not as friendly as she first appears.
Will Darrell Dogood, a lazy boy from Plumas, step in to save Prudence, the only woman he has ever loved? More importantly, if Darrell does do something, will he do something good?
To everyone's surprise, Darrell does what is right, prompting Neville to do the same.
As Jezebel's control over Neville and Darrell slips, she is forced to use ever more extreme measures in her efforts to take over the Wilson brickyard. After a thrilling chase, Jezebel is finally defeated and we discover the truth about the Great Gladstone Oil Strike! 
*Note, our original audience especially enjoyed the local references and the rivalries referenced as happening between Plumas, Neepawa and Gladstone. However, the locations mentioned in this script can easily be customized to suit your own location...becoming, The Great YourTown Oil Strike!

Genres: Melodrama/Western/Farce
Running time: 50 min.
Roles: 3 M, 4 F, 2 Either
Music Content: Song suggestions.
Royalties: The right to royalty free amateur performances granted upon purchase of sufficient print books for production.

This book includes two theatrical scripts. 

The Hardest Lesson

Genre: Intense drama with some comedic touches. 
Performance time: About 10 minutes.
Number of Actors required: 2, either gender. 
Themes: Education, School Life, Bullying, Disabilities, Suicide, Community. 
Description:- A student about to end his life encounters a teacher about to end his career. Their relationship quickly builds to an explosive climax of choices...Yet, in the end, they find that they have both learned a valuable lesson. Although, if they were honest with themselves, they would both have to admit that it was the hardest lesson that they have ever learned...

Four Seasons

Genre: Drama with comedic touches.
Performance time: About 20 minutes.
Number of actors required: 1, either gender. 
Themes: Education, School Life, ADD, Coming of Age.
Description:-A journey through four seasons of school life...In the beginning, we see our main character creating chaos in Elementary School, as time passes, we hear about their deeply personal struggles during High School. At the end of High School, our hero delivers a moving speech on Graduation Day showing just how much they have grown up. Finally, at the end of the play, we see our narrator as an old man or woman, reflecting on what they have learned from their career in education.