The Hardest Lesson

Genre: Intense drama with some comedic touches.

Performance time: About 15 minutes.

Number of Actors required: 2, either gender.

Themes: Education, School Life, Bullying, Disabilities, Suicide, Community.

Description:- A student about to end his life encounters a teacher about to end his career. Their relationship quickly builds to an explosive climax of choices...Yet, in the end, they find that they have both learned a valuable lesson. Although, if they were honest with themselves, they would both have to admit that it was the hardest lesson that they have ever learned...

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Just Another Small Town

A desire for change drove Sean and Mary to board the train west.

A lack of money was why they hid their children in a cattle car instead of paying their fare.

As the children said later, travelling in a cattle car stinks.

However, the family made it to their new home.

Only to find themselves struggling to adjust to life on their new homestead.

That first winter was especially harsh.

Especially with the attention of jealous Mister Brown, who worked tirelessly to frustrate their efforts to establish a successful farm.

It’s amazing how hard some people will work to stop others from working, right?

Little did the McConnells realize at the time that they and their descendants would witness the efforts of the Honorable Walter Clifford to establish their little town…the great fire that tried to destroy it…and the grand vision of Donald Carruthers to establish the Agricultural Museum.

Who could have guessed all the things that were yet to come?

Both a humorous story of family life and the dramatic story of a vigorous community over seven decades, Just Another Small Town is a play that shows us how quickly things can change and yet, still leaves us with a hopeful glimpse of the future.

6M/4W/1 either. Doubling possible.


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Four Seasons

Four Seasons

Genre: Drama with comedic touches.

Performance time: About 20 minutes.

Number of actors required: 1, either gender.

Themes: Education, School Life, ADD, Coming of Age.

Description:-A journey through four seasons of school life...In the beginning, we see our main character creating chaos in Elementary School, as time passes, we hear about their deeply personal struggles during High School. At the end of High School, our hero delivers a moving speech on Graduation Day showing just how much they have grown up. Finally, at the end of the play, we see our narrator as an old man or woman, reflecting on what they have learned from their career in education.

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The Grinch of Gladstone!

A short and humorous skit about a grump, some kids, and a lesson learned. 

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The Thrift Store Miracle

After a confrontation that changes his perspective on life, our hero begins volunteering at the local thrift store. After a while, he is reunited with the children who inspired the life change. However, something has changed in the lives of the children. Can they find the happy holidays they once knew? Follows The Grinch of Gladstone skit. 

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Looking Back at Christmas

A man and a woman look back at a Christmas in the past. 

The script for this skit is included in The Holiday Play Book. 

A Holiday Play Book

Five Scripts for the Season

This is a collection of five holiday themed theater scripts.
Looking Back at Christmas. A short skit reminiscing about Christmas as a child.
The Christmas That Everything Went Wrong. A one-act period piece about a Christmas that goes very wrong...and how it turns out alright in the end.
The Grinch of Gladstone! A short skit about a grump and the children who teach him a lesson.
Rumors of Christmas. A one-act comedy about a group of gossips, the latest rumor that they are chasing, and the truth about the holiday season.
The Thrift Store Miracle. A short skit about finding the hope of Christmas in unexpected places.
Each of these scripts have been performed previously and include humor, drama, and all the spirit of the holiday season.

Other Scripts

Skits for entertainment and amusement!

A Christmas Hymn

A short skit featuring the Christmas hymn, O Holy Night. One stormy Christmas Eve, a burned-out Pastor begins work on his sermon for Christmas Day. Inspiration is lacking and even God doesn't seem to hear his cry for help. Will he overcome his painful past or will this Christmas continue to be haunted by memories of what could have been?
Style: Dramatic.   Duration: 
Actors: 1M/1 F.

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A Church Play by Play

A lighthearted play by play commentary of a Sunday morning worship service. Sadly, our two commentators have neglected to heed their own advice. This fact is soon pointed out by a member of the audience...  Note: This was written for a New Years Eve performance but could be performed at any time of the year. Just change the New years Day references to be applicable to your performance time. It is important for the two commentators to have rapid fire patter such as is heard on a radio sports play by play.
Style: Lighthearted.   Duration: 5-7 min.

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Balaam Meets Jonah 

Balaam and Jonah discuss the trials of not following the Lord's will. A light-hearted conversation best played slightly cartoonish. It is especially important to get an amusing person to do the donkey parts. The braying gives it that extra punch.
Style; Light-hearted.  Duration: 10min
Actors: 2M, 1M/F

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Joseph's Decision


Summary: A short monologue about the leap of faith that Joseph had to make when he took Mary as his wife.
Style: Drama.  Duration: 4min
Actors: 1M

Characters: Joseph

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